I am a Human Computer Interaction Master's student at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. My research centers on improving children's interaction with software - finding some of the problems they face and trying to solve them. I have picked Tuxpaint to serve as my software base.

I am looking for schools in Vancouver, Canada that have Tuxpaint installed in their schools. The idea is to go and study children using Tuxpaint with a couple of alternate design solutions that try to improve upon certain features that Tuxpaint already has and see if they improve the interaction. If you know of any schools who might be open to the idea of conducting a study with their students, please let me know. I guess if they already have Tuxpaint installed in their school it makes it so much more easier to convince him how this will be an act of contributing back to the community and possibly improving the experience for a number of children. And it also makes it worthwhile to ask the students about the potential areas of improvement. Even otherwise, we can go in with our own laptops with Tuxpaint installed.

Thank you,