Thanks again Bill...
I have some time today to DO this...
SO--where or when do I do it?
Each work station is connected to the network
I have an accessible tux directory installed on my I:// drive
Do I need to write in the code for each installation on each machine then? Create a bat file? (VERY "old school" - probably not eh?)
I notice that the Tux Configuration program has a way of specifying where the data folder is or which data folder to use... but-- I tried it, and it wasn't working for me.... Hmmmm...
thanks again.

--- On Thu, 7/30/09, Bill Kendrick <> wrote:

>  The question arises: Is there an easy way to set up this year so that
>  different grades have access to different sets of stamps.

Yes.  Right now, Tux Paint looks in two places for data files
(stamps, starters and brushes):  a system-wide location, and
a user-specific location.

The latter is, obviously, user-specific.  Just like the folder where
Tux Paint saves its files.  A while back, we made it possible to specify
a different user data directory, just like we've been able to specify
a different saved files directory.

It's the "datadir" option, versus the "savedir" option (which used to
control _both_).

Simply create folders somewhere (on a network drive?  or just duplicate
them across the systems), e.g., "grade1", "grade2", etc.

Within each, create "stamps" subfolders.  Then put the stamps within.
You can even categorize them by creating subdirectories.
The students will be able to page through each category using the left/right
arrow buttons, at the bottom of the Stamps list on the right side of the
Tux Paint window.

Give the "--datadir" command-line option to Tux Paint, telling it which
stamp folder to look at.

Note that right now it's not possible to ask Tux Paint to _not_ load
the system-wide stamps, if you have them installed.  In the future, we
should think about providing ways to specify paths to add/remove,
for each data catagory.  They could be stacked up.

  tuxpaint --nosystemstamps --stampsdir /path/to/some --stampsdir /path/to/more

And, of course, also provide a sane way of specifying these options within
configuration files.  And THEN provide ways to 'include' config files
from within each other, and/or provide a list of them on the command-line:

  tuxpaint --config accessibility-enhancements.cfg --config grade1.cfg