On 2-Jan-11, at 11:21 AM, Bill Kendrick wrote:

There are some UI issues... accessibility stuff from GSOC that
need to either be finished, or temporarily disabled until we can
iron things out.

What are you experiencing?

A few things I notice:
* paint tool keeps painting after mouse button is released, and only stops painting the next time the button is pressed (not sure if this is a feature or bug)
* shape tools don't draw anything on the canvas (tried different colors and shapes, but no go)
* placement of onscreen keyboard for label tool is inconsistent in fullscreen mode
* real rainbow magic plugin generates a stray, miniature rainbow at the cursor location when the mouse button is released (in addition to the user defined rainbow)

In any case, I'll work on a new Tux Paint build for Mac based on the 0.9.21 code base, with the most recent SDL libraries, to see if this resolves some crashes users have experienced.  I had a chance to try out Tux Paint 0.9.21 on an Intel Mac with Snow Leopard over the holidays (I'm still using a PowerPC Mac with Leopard at home), and though I couldn't get it to crash, I did notice a problem with printing (only a portion of the canvas gets printed to the page - on my home Mac, the entire canvas gets printed).  Hope to resolve this and some other reported problems...