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From: Bill Kendrick <>
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Sent: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 1:54 pm
Subject: Re: [Tuxpaint-users] Problems Saving File

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 10:22:41AM -0800, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> Hi Bruce.  Some questions for you, via John Popplewell (maintainer of
> the Windows port of Tux Paint).  He had posted these in response to the
> bug report I mentioned
> ( 

Also, John, I just posted a further comment on that bug.
It looks like the error about "worldmap_japan-back.png" is an erroneous
one.  It's a leftover error from the "New" dialog looking to see
if the Starter image in question (the last one it comes across) has
a background layer.

When Tux Paint fails to save, this error (which was hanging about in
'strerror()', I guess?!) gets displayed by Tux.  So it sounds like
a permissions issue.

That brings us back to what you were asking about... it'd be great
of Bruce, Henry, and anyone else who sees this error, can
respond to these ones:

>   * Was the installer run as Administrator?
>   * Was this an upgrade from a previous version of Tux Paint?
>   * It looks like a permission problem but the error message is odd, to say
>     the least.

Thanks, all!

PS - It looks like the error checking in Tux Paint needs a bit of help.
I'll add a new Bug Request on SourceForge to cover that one.

Cc'ing Bruce in case he's not subscribed to this list.
Cc'ing John so he sees this ASAP.

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