hello all,

i realised my mistake in the DATA PREFIX i gave the wrong path ,
it shud have been "/images/backgrounds/icon.png" instead of "images/background/icon.png"

so , i will submit a patch soon for this fixme..
akash gangil

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From: akash gangil <akashg1611@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 6:25 AM
Subject: need help..
To: tuxpaint-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

hello all,

I was just trying on a FIXME which wanted to change the background in the hall of fame in tuxmath to an image of a trophy...
Considering , it as a nice way to pratically go thru the code..
i decided to go for it...
and whew! i learned a lot..(thnx kendrick)

i decided to pick an arbitary image , first for my attempt.
then i saved that image in images/background in the trunk..
now , the changes that i made to the files r along with the patches that r needed to achieve it.

1.  I simple added the enum entry for the new image.

akash@akash-laptop:~/tuxmath/trunk/src$ diff -u fileops.h nfileops.h
--- fileops.h    2009-03-26 06:10:01.000000000 +0530
+++ nfileops.h    2009-03-26 06:08:03.000000000 +0530
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
 /* Names for images (formerly in images.h) */
 enum {


2. then i added the data prefix to the images array.
akash@akash-laptop:~/tuxmath/trunk/src$ diff -u fileops_media.c nfileops_media.c--- fileops_media.c    2009-03-26 06:11:15.000000000 +0530
+++ nfileops_media.c    2009-03-26 06:07:17.000000000 +0530
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
   int i;
   static char* image_filenames[NUM_IMAGES] = {

+  DATA_PREFIX "/images/background/icon.png",
   DATA_PREFIX "/images/status/standby.png",
   DATA_PREFIX "/images/title/menu_bkg.jpg",
   DATA_PREFIX "/images/title/title1.png",

3.the final step was to try it anywhere ( i was just testing if it works, only then proceed with the rt material)

akash@akash-laptop:~/tuxmath/trunk/src$ diff -u highscore.c nhighscore.c--- highscore.c    2009-03-26 06:12:50.000000000 +0530
+++ nhighscore.c    2009-03-26 06:08:23.000000000 +0530
@@ -176,6 +176,9 @@
         SDL_BlitSurface( current_bkg(), NULL, screen, NULL );
       /* FIXME maybe add image of trophy or similar pic */
       /* Draw Tux: */
+        if(images[IMG_BAT])
+        SDL_BlitSurface(images[IMG_BAT], NULL, screen, NULL);
       if (Tux && Tux->frame[0]) /* make sure sprite has at least one frame */
         SDL_BlitSurface(Tux->frame[0], NULL, screen, &TuxRect);
       /* Draw controls: */

But I got the following error

Error: I couldn't load a graphics file:
The Simple DirectMedia error that occured was:
Couldn't open /usr/local/share/tuxmath/images/background/icon.png

that shows it isnt able to load the image data..

can somebody plz. guide me as to where i made a mistake..

this is the 1st time i hv tried to fiddle with the tuxmath src code..
so, pardon me for any stupidity...
but i must say it gave me a preview of most of the files.

akash gangil.