Hi Kartik,

Sorry I've been out of touch lately; lots of weekend trips plus a near hard drive crash to deal with (everything's okay, fortunately, but it took several evenings' worth of file recovery).  I tried building libsvg on my Powerbook, but am also running into similar errors.  Unfortunately, it looks like libsvg is no longer under development; I believe all SVG updates are now part of librsvg.  At some point, I will update Tux Paint for Mac to rely on librsvg, but this will require some extra work as librsvg has a number of dependencies.  libsvg also does not properly handle some SVG images (several Tux Paint stamps are not rendered properly), and I have a feeling that the up-to-date librsvg will resolve these problems.  

For now, you can grab a precompiled version of libsvg from:


On 14-Apr-09, at 2:22 PM, Kartik Mistry wrote:

Dear all,

I am looking for help in building Tuxpaint for Mac OS X. Martin helped me a lot in this process (and I fixed macosx/Read Me.txt a bit too in CVS) - but he seems busy at moment.

Can anyone guide me further on this?


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