Thanks for a great application for my children. I would love to help out with this project if any more hands are needed.

I had an issue with the text not being rendered when save was hit, so I read the code and found that this was done intentionally by doing a if cur_tool != lots-of-tools {render current text}. Also a few lines down, some text are rendered anyway. Why this behaviour? I changed it in my local copy of the code to render the text if any tools were clicked. Even hitting Text-tool again should render the current text, in my opinion.

While I looked for the solution of the issue described above, I found some lines marked fix-me, and I also found a couple of places that should have had a fix-me-marking :) Some of this I can fix. Can I just do it, and where should I post suggested changes?

I was also wondering if it would be better to swap some if-elses with switch cases, especially for those with 6-7 or even 12 tests.

Tor Arne Pedersen