I attached the po files. Now I finished 40-50% of translating. When I have time, I try to finish with all. I don'n need access to CVS, now it's fine to me to send the translations in e-mail.

On 2011-05-11 00:44, Bill Kendrick wrote:
On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 09:19:48AM +0300, Nagy Ákos wrote:

 I want to translate TuxPaint in Hungarian. You have a pootle server for translations, or I need to download, translate, and send back the translated po file to list?

 I undestand, that this is the translation site:
Hi Nagy - That page contains, most of the time, copies of the PO files
from CVS, along with their status (how 'complete' they are, when they were
last updated, etc.)

We don't have our own Pootle server set up at this time.  You can download
the PO files, update them, and send them to me directly.  Or, if you'd like,
I can provide you with write-access to the CVS repository so that you can
maintain the translations directly.

Thanks a bunch!


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