I would like to be able to buy a package with all the stamps for Macinstosh.  I'd need this on a DVD to be able to give to our IT department to be able to create an 'image' for the next school year.  I would buy an upgrade for the following year as more stamps are developed.  In other words, one package of all together would be great.  In this way, we don't rely  on the internet to download anything or need the internet to use wonderful, marvelous TuxPaint - Thanks, Ann

Ann Reigle
Technology Facilitator
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>>> Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net> 10/08/10 4:01 PM >>>
On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 08:58:39AM -0400, Stephen Voss wrote:
> There should not be a separate program and stamps package.

We do this to help users try Tux Paint out without having
to download _everything_, as the stamps collection is large,
and will only continue to grow.

> There should be a tuxpaint "slim" package and a tuxpaint "full"
> package(with the stamps included). Also there should be an MSI
> installer file for mass deployments

I suppose that's not a bad idea.  Without knowing how many people
would avoid trying out Tux Paint without there being a
'stamp-less' stand-alone version, I'm hesitant to remove that
option, but since most people eventually DO want the stamps,
and many more people have high speed Internet connections these
days (versus 8 years ago), having a 'full' package is probably
a good idea.

I'm not familiar with MSI, nor whether or not our current system
can or can't be used for mass deployments.  Can you (or someone)
provide more info?  Also, are you familiar with the "/SILENT"
option that our current installer packages support?  (And does
that not provide a solution?)

Thanks for your feedback!

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