Hi, my name is Francisco. I'm writing to the list after talking a bit with Kendrick about taking the "Refactoring Audio" idea from your list as a GSOC09 project proposal.
I've been collaborating with CLAM (The audio framework not the antivirus, http://www.clam-project.org/) and been a successful student on GSOC08 for them.
As Kendrick told me the idea is to add audio comments to drawings, that's a nice feature that shouldn't be too hard to implement in the summer of code time period.
I've some experience with portaudio and i think it's a good idea to use it to abstract the OS config to another layer.
So, please, tell me if there are any specific requirements to apply, and if some other feature idea is in the air and could be good to add it to the proposal.
Hope we can have a great summer of code toghether!!