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Make sure you are making the the background transparent.Remove the backround and add alpha channel.I have created many starter images,But i dint face any issues.But speeding the process  I am also looking for a solution.
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On 1/29/06, John Tutone <johntutone@yahoo.com> wrote:
I created a bunch of starter images and loaded them in the "starters" folder... i have noticed now when i click "Open" it takes a while to display the thumbnails (i assume that each time it is recreating the thumnails of the starters folder... rather than pulling a cache copy - like it does with the saved images). Is this the case? Anything i can do to speed this process up, short of deleting my starter images?

Second,  several of my "starter" images only appear as a black blob as a thumbnail... once they are clicked on... all is ok? Any idea what the problem is? Let me know and i can fwd an example image. Regardless of what computer or OS (Mac or Win XP)... same problem.


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