From a  translator-only point of view, currently is not easy to translate the web site.
I think if I could use poEdit to translate it, it would be a lot simpler and it'd help to maintain the translations up to date.


2008/7/25 Bill Kendrick <>
On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 11:34:59AM +0200, Samuel Murray (Groenkloof) wrote:
> If the HTML file is simple, then html2po in its current state is fine.
> I've used html2po in the Decathlon project to turn WordPress'
> readme.html file into a PO file, and my tests on it indicate that the
> conversion back to HTML would be fine.  But the WordPress readme.html
> file is written in very simple HTML (possibly on purpose, since some
> translators may be expected to edit in Notepad).

The Tux Paint website is all PHP based.  Each page, at the least,
includes some standard layout/info.

And at the moment, translation is done by creating locale-specific
PHP files that are usually include()'ed by an index.php.
It's ugly, but the nice thing is, those PHP files usually contain little
more than the HTML text for the page.

In some cases, like the front page, there's a little more (like the PHP
code to randomize the screenshot shown on the page).

But really, I think having a single set of PHP files, gettext() wrapped
around the text, and MO files that are used when the site is loaded,
would be a lot nicer.  The POs would no doubt be simpler, and I won't have
to trust the po<->html tools to not break the site. ;)

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