got it.
later tonight I'll check the new things BIll.


2008/6/16 Simona Riva <>:
Bill Kendrick ha scritto:
> I'd like to roll together a release of Tux Paint 0.9.20 later this week,
> along with an update Stamps collection.  (We've got a lot of new stamps!!!)
> Translators - can you make sure your PO files are as up-to-date as you can
> get them?
> See:
> If you have CVS access, feel free to commit your updates.  (I will try to
> document them in CHANGES.txt if you don't do so yourself.)  If you don't
> have CVS access, and would like it, please email me your SourceForge username
> off-list.  Otherwise, just email the PO files to me directly, in private email,
> and I will commit them myself.
I've just checked, completed and sent to Bill the IT .po file


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