Hi Bill,

ZH_TW should be work, You can try to typing "5j/1" it's "¤¤"ĦAand typing "jp61" is "¤ċ".
Only two fonts can display chinese, must select right fonts. like below image.

Sincerely, song.

2009/5/29 Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net>

I'm trying to use the Input Methods with the Text tool in Tux Paint,
and it only seems to be doing anything (i.e., switching methods and
recognizing sequences) in the Traditional Chinese locale.

(And for ZH_TW, it seems none of the fonts that SDL_Pango is providing to
me include Chinese characters, but I'm going to check if any of the ttf-*
packages that libpango1.0-common suggests in Ubuntu will help this issue.)

Any ideas on why the IM stuff seems to just not work for the other locales!?
I'd consider this a showstopper. :(


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