> These are all networked machines and I know that problems occur sometimes when a     
> specific machine fails to hook into the network... tho USUALLY this will also       
> preclude finding and opening the program which is on located on a networked drive   
> not on the specific computer.

Do you know, for certain, where Tux Paint is trying to load/save pictures?


I have RED Tux-K-1, GREEN Tux-2-3 and BLUE Tux-4-5 each saves to their respective SAVE folder in the My Pictures folder of the student partition on the H Drive (which is a reason I cannot save anything myself when logged onto the Teacher partition, I haven't yet built my own teacher install

The three TUX installs are on the Common I: drive

After each class I migrate the contents of the saved folder manually into a folder with the teachers name
my 4th and 5th graders can access the folder to find their work so as to continue on another day or to open with Paint.exe to access cut and paste and magnifier tools or Irfanview to access Adobe .8bf plugins.

This quarter 3rd 4th and 5th grades are working on a POP ART/poster design unit and the 5th graders especially are encouraged to develop their own stamps.