MeetsCriteria Does NotMeet Criteria Requires Instructional Alternative NotApplicable  COMAR 508 COMPLIANCE Notes on Tux Paint:
  X     Able to execute functions from keyboard (keyboard shortcuts) Some shortcuts available, but generally mousing is required
X       Application shall not disable activated features of other products (e.g., the application cannot disrupt the display color scheme which assists people with low vision showing a visual prompt when an error tone is sounded to assist hard of hearing users, or providing "sticky keys" that allow a user to press key combinations)


      X Has well-defined on-screen indications that the current focus moves among interactive interface elements as the input focus changes (e.g., a screen enlargement program magnifies a section of the screen, the program must be able to follow the focus as the focus changes) Not really any automatic focus changing
X       Has user interface element including the identity, operation, and state of the element (e.g., button associated with a hand for getting help must have a text label that indicates help)


X       Bitmap images used to identify controls, status indicators must have consistent meaning assigned to application


X       Applications shall not override user selected contrast and color selections or other display attributes (e.g., a program must have a section in the software that tells the program not to use its own setting, but to use whatever settings are already in place)


      X Animation information must be displayable in at least one non-animated presentation mode at the option of the user (e.g., simulations are exception) No animated information (except 'please wait' status)
    Inaccessible buttons have different mouse pointer shape during hover   Color coding is not used as the only means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element (e.g., "green" start button must have text label combined with the use of color) (We plan to add themes to allow for improved accessibility of the UI)
  X     Product has variety of color and contrast settings (We plan to add themes to allow for improved accessibility of the UI)
X       Product shall not have flashing or blinking text, objects, etc. with a frequency greater than 1 Hz and lower than 55 Hz


  X     Product contains electronic forms that allow assistive technology to access the information, field elements, and functionality UI is drawn using a lower-level than assistive software would have access to, so reading button labels, dialogs, etc. aloud is not currently possible