very very cool
This is my first encounter with the metallic paint
I am curious why it isn't applied with a bucket tool rather than a brush, so many metallic objects are narrow and the metallic "paintbrush" comes in a single size.

Bill Kendrick <> wrote:

Wow, it's been about a month since John Popplewell sent me this email.
Sorry it took so long to pass it along. (John, let us know if you have
a newer build :^) )

John wrote:

> I've had a bit of a session and the current CVS now builds on Windows
> and I don't seem to have broken anything on Linux :-)
> I'm still using the wobbly SVG library and no Pango cause of Win9x/ME
> compatibility problems, but the plugins work.
> I really like some of the new ones :-)

John's speaking of the new Magic Tools, and the new 'Magic tool as a
plugin system' improvement that's coming in Tux Paint 0.9.18...

> Here is a snap-shot in case anyone else wants a play:

I've placed John's test version (0.9.18cvs-2007-08-13-win32) up on the FTP site:

Please feel free to try it out and give us your comments!



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