While I await my tech's availability to download and reinstall tux I have sound re-enabled and the speakers muted...
Interestingly I note that on SOME but not all the machines muting the speakers has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT AT ALL!
SOME 'muted' computers are just as noisey as ever  -- TOP VOLUME even!
Others are silent as the grave...
I suspect that this has already been reported elsewhere of course
now where are my ear-plugs?  VBG

Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net> wrote:

On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 09:58:15PM +0000, Caroline Ford wrote:
> This was a bug that was fixed before Christmas and is caused by running
> with the sound disabled.
> 0.9.19CVS isn't packaged for windows yet. 0.9.18 has the bug.

Actually, there is now a build from December 31st, but it's just an EXE
you'd drop into your C:\Program Files\TuxPaint\, or wherever Tux Paint is
installed. It's also available from:


under the "Tux Paint launches but then quits (but used to run)" item for
Windows issues.

It _should_ also address this crash-when-sound-is-off issue for those two
magic tools. I should update the Known Issues page to point that out.
Sorry! :)



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