Here is the file- stdout.txt:

Spawning Pango thread

-- Hello from generate_fontconfig_cache() (thread # 3884)

-- Generated a font.

Thread spawned

-- Generated a surface

-- generate_fontconfig_cache() is done

Done generating cache


Here is the- stderr.txt:

Warning: Couldn't load any current image.

C:/Users/בוחבוט/tux paint -ציורים מ/saved/20120108192602.png

The Simple DirectMedia Layer error that occurred was:

Couldn't open C:/Users/בוחבוט/tux paint -ציורים מ/saved/20120108192602.png


I don't understand what's wrong- the directory is correct, and there are a few saved pictures there.




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> So-

> After getting the message there are no pictures, I can only find them

> if I go straight to the directory.

> No, it doesn't load it- that's exactly the problem.


Ouch!, so I see two approaches to try to identify the problem:


One is to locate a file called stdout.txt or stderr.txt that tuxpaint should generate, it may be hiden somewhere in the filesystem, and post it here. Hopefully it contains useful info to diagonostic the problem.


The other consists in uninstall tuxpaint and install an older version, say 0.9.21, if it works, uninstall the older version and install a slightly newer one, 0.9.21b and test again, then report what is the newest version that works. If none of 0.9.21* versions works for you, then there are chances that the problem is in the configuration of your computer as the problem you relate is obvious enouth to be have noticed by somebody else too.




> As for the sound- my kids don't like the ones that sounds like the

> penguin talks - I think they are called- "areyousure", "tuxok", and "youcannot"

> I don't really know how to replace them with empty ones.


In audacity , Generate-->Silence  1 frame, then export to ogg, As it is so small I've attached one silent ogg to this message.

Note that the files tuxpaint will search for sounds ends with the .ogg extension, i.e. areyousure.ogg instead of plain areyousure you may consider letting your OS show you the file extensions.



> Thank you very much.


> Zehavit.