Hi mrs. V,

I'm using tux paint on windows 7 á- it works perferctly! My kids LOVE it!

I say- don't give up! Nag the "techs" until you get itů


Good luck

Zehavit bohbot


From: Faye Valbert [mailto:mrsvbert@gmail.com]
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I teach K-5 students at a public school in NC. Just in May we upgraded the computers to Windows 7 and the "techs" told me we could not have Tux Paint anymore.  I went online and see that there is a Windows 7 version.  Why would my techs tell me they can't do it? How long has this version been out there? I know they had to prepare for upgrading all the computers in the district, but this is the best program for my younger students.

Now I have to tech K students how to draw on MSPaint!?!!!


Just venting about the loss of Tux Paint and wondering why they told me that.


Mrs. V