Some news from our virtual zoo!  (A project for young children) It's growing....

(Info:) http://www.sip.be/stamand/zooproject/zoo.htm

 15 new animals  arrived... 9 of them came from Slovenia, 6 from our kindergarten! We have now 55 'pets' to work with.

We received 6 new drawings from Japan, made in Tux Paint with the stamps made of these animals. Real works of art!

Have a look! Maybe you can find partners to join us... Thanks!

Kind regards



Lieven Van Parys
Moerasstraat 11
8760 Meulebeke
ICT-co÷rdinator Vrije Basisscholen Meulebeke
E-mail: lieven.van.parys@skynet.be
Website: http://www.sip.be/stamand/school.htm
Nieuw project: 'ZOO'