Fernando López - 2014-02-05

It is still incomplete and maybe buggy but today I finished the implementation of a import/export tab for tuxpaint-config(*) as we include this tool in Lihuen GNU/Linux and we require this functionality.

I attach the patch in hope it may be integrated to upstream (we may provide you further updates as we continue testing this).

To import images this patch uses a modified version of tuxpaint-import called tuxpaint-config-import (notice that the Makefile must be updated to install this file). The only difference of this script and the one shipped with tuxpaint is that it doesn't use the date to name the new files but a modified version of the original filename thus avoiding overriding files that are written in the same second.

  • Even when it would make sense to implement this functionality in tuxpaint, the lack of a "filedialog" widget in SDL made me choose to implement it in tuxpaint-config.
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