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getting exception error when launching program. Using XP pro (school lab). I have full rights as admin when I installed. Set to allow all users, tried reinstall with the same results. Attached is a zip file of the screen shot in Wordpad. Too large-2.81mb- if not zipped.


  • William Kendrick

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    Thanks for the note, sorry about the trouble. Assuming you're using 0.9.17 (I saw '2007' on the splash screen in your screenshot), although you originally reported the bug for version 0.9.18 (which is not yet released). Let me know if it WAS 0.9.18. :^)

    Assigning to John Popplewell, who maintains the Win32 version of Tux Paint for me, to see if he has any insight, or can ask you for further info.

  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2007-08-13

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    I've no idea what that is. I've never seen anything like it. Did you try Googling for "Windows - No Disk"?

    I get lots of pages which mention some of the other numbers on there e.g. c0000013 and 75b6bf9c, and are talking about using a malware removal tool called "HijackThis".

    I don't think has got anything to do with Tux Paint. Good Luck.

  • William Kendrick

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    Agreed, thanks John. (I checked Google and saw countless forum questions about it; some thinking it has to do with floppy drive controllers or removable USB media, others thinking it's a WinXP update problem, and others thinking it's antivirus software.)

    Example: http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6035_102-0.html?forumID=5&threadID=243141&messageID=2470477#2470477

    Good luck tracking down the reason for the problem!


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