#83 Allow users to add an "Easy Access" folder.

Bill Case

Request for Enhancement:

For users who want access to tuxpaint PNG image files outside of the Tuxpaint program.

e.g. 1) To copy an image.png;
2) To attach an image.png to an email;
3) To alter the image.png in the Gimp, Inkscape, ImageMagick, etc.;

Simply allow users to create/designate an easy access folder, including path, in the TuxPaint-conf program.

If this option is chosen on saving TuxPaint can save a duplicate copy of an image file to the designated easy access folder.

Since this is only a copy of the 'saved' file, users can change or modify the copy as they see fit. Any subsequent changes to the TuxPaint original would be saved as usual, but the easy access folder would contain a newly titled (numbered) copy when the original has been modified and an easy access file already exists.

By making easy access available users have full access to their image files without the risk of them mucking about with the original or .dat files outside of the TuxPaint program.

There should be no need to import or export. It is highly unlikely that users (or their kids) would expect to be able to make changes in TuxPaint to an externally modified image file but would expect to be able to change the original TuxPaint file.


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