#48 Bad Redraws with Window/XP

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Yair Lenga

I've installed the latest 'msi' onto Window/XP. The
configuration program runs OK. When I try the main
program, I get "empty" window - as if the window does
not redraw itself.

Initially, the program status is "not responding", but
this is changed after few minutes. However, the screen
never redraw. I can get some redrawing by minimizing
the screen, and restoring it, but this is not really
usefull for anything.

I also tried the previous version - same results.


  • William Kendrick

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    We believe this is a bug in the DirectX drivers. Check that
    you're using the latest drivers for your video card from the

    Alternatively, asking the SDL library (which Tux Paint uses
    to draw on the screen) to use a different driver may help.

    Click "Start" on the taskbar, right-click "My Computer" and
    select "Properties". Go to the "Advanced" tab and click
    "Environment Variables."

    Create a new entry called "SDL_VIDEODRIVER", and set its
    value to "windib", hit OK, and then try launching Tux Paint
    once more.

    Please let me know whether either works for you, so that I
    can close this bug! Thanks!

  • Yair Lenga

    Yair Lenga - 2005-12-01

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    Problems Solved. Thank You. FYI - the computer is a newly
    installed (3 months) DELL computer. Not sure why drivers are
    not uptodate.

  • William Kendrick

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    Excellent, good to hear! Interestingly, other people who
    reported this problem were also using Dells. So maybe
    they're not shipping with very recent drivers? Anyway,
    thanks! :)


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