#167 The file is not saved when \\\'auto save\\\' button is enabled


Contradiction arises on \\'disabling the save button\\' and \\'Auto save on quit\\'.
The save button is disabled as defined but While quitting, the current file is not saved .
The problem arises when \\'Disable save button \\' and \\'Auto save on quit\\' is checked.

Step 1: Open an existing file
Step 2: Add a picture / text in the existing canvas
Step 3: Press the Quit button. Get a message as \'Do you really want to Quit\'? Select Yes.

Expected Result is \'The file should be saved with the changes / updation\'

Actual Result : Nothing added

Refer Document Text

nosave=yes This disables Tux Paint\'s ability to save files (and therefore disables the on-screen \"Save\" button). It can be used in situations where the program is only being used for fun, or in a test environment.
autosave=yes This prevents Tux Paint from asking whether you want to save the current picture when quitting, and assumes you do.


  • sumiiyer

    sumiiyer - 2011-06-24

    I am using Windows XP Service Pack 3

  • William Kendrick

    This sounds about right, though perhaps we should warn that "autosave" (and some other saving-related options) are going to be ignored using "nosave" is being used. "nosave" is meant to prevent saving, not JUST disable the manual saving option via the "Save" button in the Tools section of the UI.

  • William Kendrick

    Providing warnings when "nosave" is set, if "autosave" or any of the "saveover..." options are also being used.


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