#164 Tux Paint launches slowly when fontconfig's cache is removed


In some environments, fontconfig's cache gets wiped before Tux Paint gets used. (Consider an environment where all Windows "appdata" and the HDD are wiped whenever users log out of their environment in a school lab.)

We need to figure out a way to convince fontconfig to store its cache somewhere safer, or at the least figure out some instructions that we can give to schools/users who are faced with this situation, so that Tux Paint doesn't take forever to start every single time.


  • William Kendrick

    Any clues regarding this, yet?

  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2011-07-01

    I had an email exchange about this with some success.

    There is a setting in this file: tuxpaint/etc/fonts/fonts.conf which currently looks like this:



    Commenting out both those lines, and replacing them with a single entry like this:

    <cachedir>C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\fontconfig\cache</cachedir>

    tells fontconfig to put the cache there, and seems to work. The only problem is that it doesn't expand environment variables.


  • William Kendrick

    So should the "solution" for this issue simply be that of documentation? (e.g., "If you're having this problem withTux Paint, you can alter the configuration like so...") Or should we actually alter the fonts.conf file that we distribute (assuming we distribute one...!?)


  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2011-07-01

    If you've got a setup that wipes the location of the cache then it needs moving. We ship a default version, so yes, it's a documentation issue I'd think. I don't know how serious the lack of environment variable expansion is, I'm not familiar with those kind of setups, unfortunately,



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