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Running tuxpaint-0.9.21-win32- on Vista. It has been running great for many months, until yesterday. Upon clicking the desktop icon, only a partial blank screen appears. There is no paint pallet or toolbars, just one partial, blank, white screen without any interface buttons whatsoever. The default paintbrush loads, and you can draw with black, but that is all. The only way to exit is to press the "esc" key. I've tried: 1) Using Tuxpaint Configuration to choose full screen mode, etc. 2) Tried Uninstalling both the program and stamps, then re-installing. 3) Tried uninstalling, then downloading the current version, and re-installing. Nothing changes. My 2 yr old loves this program, and I would really love any help to get this to run correctly.


  • William Kendrick

    Hi Diane - sorry for the trouble! Wow, very strange problem, indeed!
    Can you check the C:\Program Files\TuxPaint\ folder on your computer (probably while Tux Paint is running -- you'll want to try and run it in windowed mode, not fullscreen) and see if you can find files named "stderr.txt" and/or "stdout.txt"? If you see them, can you attach them to this bug?

    (Either open them in Notepad and copy/paste their contents into a Comment in this bug, or use the "Add a File" link to simply attach them as files.)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Diane

    Diane - 2010-02-06

    If I try to run Tuxpaint, the mouse will not allow me to move beyond the frame of the blank window that appears (the window itself only covers 1/3 of the screen). I have to exit program to do anything else. After exiting the program, I did open the Tux Paint folder but did not find any file with the names you were looking for. I even "searched" both the Tux Paint file folder, and the Program Files, and the search came up with no results. I am going to see if I can search again while the program is running...if the mouse won't let me move the cursor beyond that window...maybe I can use the keyboard to open the Windows toolbar.

  • Diane

    Diane - 2010-02-06

    tried again to run Tuxpaint, and search for files. Unable to access anything with that window open. Have to exit program to look for stderr.txt and/or stdout.txt.

    Very Very strange indeed! Thanks for your help, by the way. I wil admit, we don't have our 2 yr old under the closest supervision while he paints away, if he "did something" to cause this...I have no idea. I'm usually good at "undoing" the things he changes...like renaming our desktop icons. :) but I dirgress...

  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2010-02-06

    Hi, that is very weird. Any idea what might have changed between when Tux Paint was working and when it wasn't? Things like Windows updates or perhaps another program being installed?

    Is the PC connected to the Internet? If so, do you have anti-virus/anti-spyware software?

    The files Bill has mentioned: stdout.txt and stderr.txt would be very useful, if you can find them.

    Can't think of anything else, good luck,

  • William Kendrick

    Not being able to exit the window is a feature that can be enabled in Tux Paint via the "Grab Mouse Pointer" option that you can set in Tux Paint Config's "Mouse/Keyboard" tab. Double-check whether that's set.

  • Diane

    Diane - 2010-02-08

    To respond to the previous posts: No other program was installed, I do run Norton Anti Virus, and the files: stdout.txt, and stderr.txt, are simply non-existant. I've run several file searches to find them. As for the "Grab Mouse Pointer" in the config. controls, I tried un-setting it, and that didn't help.

    I even tired one last stab at uninstalling and downloading a "fresh copy". No luck there either.

    I want to thank you for your time and ideas...but I've a feeling this is a wash. I just can't figure out what is causing this. 'tis a shame, I have to admit I'm a bit heartbroken over it for my son's sake.

  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2010-02-10

    Hi, been thinking about this a bit - weird problem.

    When Tux Paint is uninstalled the configuration files are preserved (this is the recommended behavior) in the following directory:

    "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\TuxPaint"

    The file 'tuxpaint.cfg' contains various settings generated by the configuration
    utility. You may not be able to see the 'Application Data' directory as it is
    hidden by default. Use the 'Windows Explorer' 'Tools|Folder Options' menu to
    open a dialog and select the 'View' tab. Make sure 'Show hidden files and
    folders' is selected.

    Try deleting 'tuxpaint.cfg' and running Tux Paint again. Be careful though, this
    folder also contains the pictures in the 'saved' directory.

    Hope that help,

  • Diane

    Diane - 2010-02-12

    JOhn: I found that file and deleted it, I then downloaded Tuxpaint again...unfortunately, the plot thickens. Now instead of a small window, I have a large one that covers most of the screen. I now have the color pallet (but it looks "squished") but no other tool bars, not even the "close window"button, I have to hit "esc" to exit program. And the "Are you sure you want to exit?" prompt is in English AND German. And when I went to the Configuration screen, I saw all the different choices under every tab, but could not click to choose anything.

    It's possessed I think :) Thanks for taking a stab at it. But it just gets more and more strange.

  • William Kendrick

    Diane - Are you running your Windows OS in the German locale? And/or did you have Tux Paint set up to display a German language interface? Any chance you can send a screenshot? (I think [PrntScrn] key might do it on Windows; you'll then need to, if I recall correctly, launch MS Paint and do an Edit->Paste. John?)

  • Pere Pujal i Carabantes

    Hi! At least in Linux tuxpaint-config can write to two files, one for all users and the other for the current user.
    Perhaps this is true too for Windows?

    Anyway, you can try to run tuxpaint from the command line to see if this helps.
    Click Apps->accessories->command prompt (or something like this)
    A black screen should appear, there you should type:

    cd Program Files/Tuxpaint [enter]
    tuxpaint.exe [enter]
    tuxpaint.exe --nosysconfig [enter]
    tuxpaint.exe --nosysconfig --windowed --800x600 --dontgrab --startblank --lang english [enter]

    You can add or remove parameters to find what is causing Tuxpaint to fail.
    You can see the full list of parameters that Tuxpaint accepts by typing
    tuxpaint.exe --help [enter]

    If Tuxpaint runs fine with any of those commands, it would be nice to see too what are the parameters that cause Tuxpaint to run bad on your computer.

    Also there are chances that there are some errors printed in the black screen, it would be nice to know them too among with the command line that generated them.

    Hope this helps.

  • William Kendrick

    Hi Diane (the reporter of the bug) - any feedback? Thanks!

  • William Kendrick

    Any feedback? I'd like to help resolve the issue, but since it seems to work for everyone else, I'm also willing to close it as 'Works For Me', rather than leave it hanging... :) Thanks!

  • William Kendrick


  • John Popplewell

    John Popplewell - 2011-07-01


    don't know what happened here, but it's a Windows machine so there's a whole world of nasty things that could have happened. Norton is mentioned and it sounds like there is an Internet connection, so who knows.

    Without getting into the machine remotely and digging around it's impossible to say what went on. The fact that it worked one day and was broken the next is suggestive, but there isn't enough to go on, unfortunately,


  • William Kendrick

    :( Ok so closing as "works for me". Diane - please re-open if you're out there and can give us additional details!


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