#132 Faulty display of shapes


I'd like to report this bug as an extension of the bug "Dragging left/up in Shape tool doesn't resize the shape - ID: 2834320"
that was reported previously.

When we try to create a shape by dragging the mouse on the left/up corner, not only we get the minimum size but also
the shape that we get is not perfect. The edges aren't connected perfectly and they are extended out of the shape. This
happens especially to the shape of the rectangle. As many times as I tried to create a shape with this procedure I got the same shape.
I attach a photo in order to make more clear what i mean.

Could you please fix the problem with the edges too?


  • William Kendrick

    With Simple Shapes enabled, I get perfect squares and rectangles.
    If I double-click (one click to place the smallest-sized shape possible, the other to place it without rotation), and I also get perfect shapes.
    If I click, drag a very slight amount (to rotate the shape a very small amount), I get something similar to your screenshot.

    So I believe it's just a matter of rotation. Can you confirm? Thanks!

  • William Kendrick

    I'll try adding rotation constraint for when the shape is small. i.e., the smaller the shape is, the less granular the degrees of rotation can be... e.g., snap to 15 degree increments with something like "int((deg + 7) / 15) * 15" when the size is very small.

  • William Kendrick

    Limiting rotation at small angles, and avoiding rotation beyond N degrees for fixed aspect shapes (e.g. Square and Octagon). i.e., if you rotate a square 140deg., we actually only rotated 50deg. behind the scenes. This avoids glitches where the shape's lines connect, due to error accumulation as we draw each line.

  • Theodoros Kotsikas

    Unfortunately i can not totally confirm what you say at your first comment. The shapes are perfect, regardless the size, if you don't move the mouse at the left/up corner. If you move the mouse at the left/up corner seems like it has a small rotation as a default. I am sure that i don't move the mouse when it is about the rotation and that's why i mentioned that as many times as i tried it i had the same result.

    here is exactly what i do:
    I click on the shape tool,I select the rectangle,I click somewhere on canvas,I drag to the top left corner,I release and without moving the mouse I click. The result is the print screen that i uploaded!
    i hope that this comment will help.please inform me about the result

    *I am not sure if adding rotation constraints would help with this bug but I think that it would be very usefull in general about the programme


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