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Tux of Math Command / News: Recent posts

TuxMath 2.0.2 released

A binary installer for Tuxmath-2.0.2 for win32 has been released, due to the 2.0.1 installer file not working. This release also fixes a bug causing crashes when the new "powerup" comet is created, present in 2.0.0 and 2.0.1., as well as a bug in Factoroids that prevented the asteroid numbers from being displayed.

Our apologies to those who have experienced problems from these bugs.

There is still a bug in the turn-based multiplayer game on Windows that prevents this activity from working - we hope to fix it soon.

Posted by David Bruce 2011-04-27

TuxMath 2.0.0 released!

Tux4Kids is pleased to announce the release of TuxMath-2.0.0, as source code and an executable Windows binary installer.

This is a major upgrade, with many important new features:
- greatly improved LAN mode
- complete overhaul of Factoroids, with mouse support, levels organized around prime factors, and professional-quality artwork.
- new powerup for main comet game.
- new game music
- improved menus with "tooltips" for menu items.
- in Windows build, proper conversion of text files into Windows-friendly format.
- functioning Native Language Support (major bugfix)
- numerous updated or added translations.
All users of TuxMath should upgrade!

Posted by David Bruce 2011-04-17

TuxMath 1.9.0 Released

TuxMath 1.9.0 features LAN multiplayer competition as well as much improved internationalization support. Most graphics now drawn with SVG for better appearance at any resolution.

Posted by David Bruce 2010-11-23

TuxMath 1.7.0 - major upgrade

Tux Math 1.7.0 has been released, with major enhancements as a result of the 2008 Google Summer of Code. The current project home page is: Current downloads are available both on the above site and here at Sourceforge. Major new features include high-resolution fullscreen support at the native OS resolution, as well as a new video-game style factor review, "Factoroids".

Posted by David Bruce 2008-12-23

TuxMath 1.6.1 - now building successfully on MacOSX!

TuxMath now builds and installs correctly on MacOSX with a simple "./configure; make; sudo make install" as long as you have the needed libs (see Release Notes). So, if you are a Mac user with a Unix background, you're all set. If you are a "normal" Mac user, unfortunately we don't yet have a simple binary package, but hopefully we soon will. TuxMath is being added to the excellent MacPorts project (, and when that is accomplished it will provide easy binary packages, even if you don't have MacPorts itself installed.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2008-02-13

TuxMath 1.6.0 - Internationalization!

TuxMath 1.6.0 has been released, featuring native language support on Windows as well as Linux/Unix. Supported languages include French, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Nynorsk, and Czech (and new translations can be very easily added).

There is also a passwordless login in the Linux build for keeping track of individual students' progress in a classroom setting, as well as a command-line admin utility, "tuxmathadmin".... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-12-18

TuxMath 1.5.7 - "Gold Stars" and new menu graphics.

TuxMath 1.5.7 has been released, with a Windows installer and a tar.gz source archive posted here at This release features a more polished menu system with more modern graphics, some bugfixes, and "gold stars" to automatically track successfully completed lessons. There is also a significant amount of work on the build system to support internationalization in the near future.

This is definitely the best TuxMath yet - please grab the files and have a look.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-10-30

TuxMath 1.5.6 - help system, menu enhancements

TuxMath 1.5.6 has been released, with further work to improve usability. TuxMath now has a brief "help" feature to show new players how to play the game. Other work includes improvement of the menu system, as well as ongoing underlying code cleanup. Complete source code and a Win32 binary installer are available at this site.

The project still is in need of someone to do current MacOSX builds (and similarly for Tux Typing).... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-10-14

TuxMath 1.5.5 - High Score Table and more

TuxMath 1.5.5 has been released, featuring completion of the high score table and cleanup of the menu system. It also contains bugfixes for crashes occuring during menu navigation and while selecting a game, as well as ongoing internal code-cleanup.

A source tar.gz archive and an executable Windows installer have been posted here at Sourceforge, as well as at the project's home site at: read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-10-04

New versions of TuxMath and TuxType Now in Debian Unstable

For Debian users, TuxMath 1.5.4 is now in the Sid/Unstable branch, and TuxMath 1.5.3 has migrated into Testing. On the TuxType side, 1.5.15 was recently uploaded to Unstable.
(thanks to Holger Levsen, Debian maintainer for the TuxMath and TuxType packages).

If you use Debian or a Debian derivative (e.g. Ubuntu), you can use apt to install these packages from the Debian archives rather than building from the tar.gz files here.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-09-18

TuxMath 1.5.4 released

This release fixes several bugs and has improved support for "Custom Game" play. This mode plays the game based on the settings in your options file. For Linux/Unix users, it is in the .tuxmath directory within your home directory. On Windows (at least on XP) it is located at "C:\Documents and Settings\$USERNAME\Application Data\TuxMath\options.cfg".

If none of the included lessons fit your needs, you can edit the above file to customize your player's "mission". The file is extensively commented.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-09-08

Tuxmath 1.5.3 released

This version fixes a bug that caused several data files to be missing - thanks for the rapid feedback that brought this to my attention!

David Bruce

Posted by David Bruce 2007-08-24

MacOSX build maintainer needed

We need a Mac user (or at least someone with access to a Mac) who is interested in doing MacOSX builds for TuxMath (and, if interested, TuxType). The TuxMath build process is pretty much all worked out - we need someone to build the dmg files when new releases are made. I would also love to have a current TuxType build for the Mac. You don't need to be a guru - you just need a Mac and willingness to learn. If interested, please email the tuxmath dev list:... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-08-22

TuxMath 1.5.2 released

Numerous minor bugfixes involving sound system, build process, and memory leak; "Demo mode" fixed; no significant new user-visible features. Should be more stable than 1.5.1

Posted by David Bruce 2007-08-22

TuxMath still actively developed

Tux, of Math Command and Tux Typing are still maintained and developed. The source code repository is in Subversion at -

The current "official" website for the projects is

(the above page is very rudimentary, for now).

I will try to keep the binaries current at both the SourceForge and Alioth sites.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-07-23