hi everyone,

> Hi, this is Bill Kendrick from the Tux Paint project.
Hi Bill, i actually keep my eye on Tux Paint and Tux type as refrences and
if they have any thing similar to be used in tuxmath.

>  I actually didn't have
> much luck with the SDL+SVG libraries I tried, so I ended up writing my own
> code -- twice.  First I ended up using libCairo and libSVG, but then
> that it was deprecated, and ended up going down the libRSVG route (so that
> it would work out-of-the-box with modern Debian and Ubuntu systems).

> The fortunate thing about the Cairo code was that we can use it (albeit
> some rendering bugs, for some SVGs) on platforms for which RSVG is not
> supported (e.g., Win95, I believe).

I got your point, and i'm not sure what is the problems you face when trying
to SDL+SVG, I'll do more investigation in this issue, and the libraries, but
I am sure the tuxpaint source will be my main reference.

> What were the porting issues?  The Pango-based code is used by Tux Paint
> on the current OSX builds.

sure porting will be possible if you using  SDL_Pango, but the issue raised
in glob2 mailing list, during my work, that SDL_Pango will depend on pango
and some other dependencies and as SDL_Pango site itself mentions it require
careful design in your installer, unlike fribidi which virtually has no
dependencies, so mac osx user was just afraid of delaying the release to
resolve dependcies issues, a logistic fears :-D.

> Does fribidi deal with other languages for which we're benefiting from
Pango? (e.g., Telugu)
Not sure, but i don't think so for simple reason, that Pango itself uses
fribidi to handle bidi language, so the expected output from fribidi is same
as Pango, and before fribidi2 and arabic and persian character shaping was
not supported by fribidi but it is now working correclty.

I am mobin(Tuxtype Indic team). Actually we added SDL_Pango support in tuxtype for handling Indic language's rendering issues. So, if we replace it with fribidi, all Indic languages + some of the south Asian Languages will face rendering issues ( shaping problem). So the expected output will not be same. Now in kerala( a state in India has malayalam as local language) schools we have been using tuxtype as the typing tutor. And also the work to add all other 21 official language's support is already going on. So it will make serious issues if we remove SDL_Pango.

Since we have already fribidi support in SDL_Pango, I think it's very efficiently solving both the RTL and shaping problems.