#17 GPX plugin


use patch --reverse to apply.
Reads key signature, clef, fade-in, properties such as tapped, hammer, ghost, etc. bends, harmonics, stroke direction.


  • b4dc0d3r

    b4dc0d3r - 2011-09-03

    Reverse patch, synced to trunk

  • Anonymous - 2015-05-05

    I've also added repeat variations, capo offset, brushes, let ring, tremolo vibrato, text on sections and finished parseTrill method and text on bars, added support for grace notes and made slides from nowhere to sliding graces.
    Also replaced slides without picking with hammer, 'cause it sounded much better and added auto adding Drumkit Channel to play metronome and countdown.
    In attachments diff with r1130

    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-05-07
  • Anonymous - 2015-05-06


    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-05-08
  • Stamper

    Stamper - 2015-05-28

    Hi, thanks for making this! How do you install it on Ubuntu? I tried to use patch, but I got this error:

    (Stripping trailing CRs from patch; use --binary to disable.)
    can't find file to patch at input line 5
    Perhaps you should have used the -p or --strip option?
    The text leading up to this was:

    |Index: org/herac/tuxguitar/io/gpx/GPXDocumentParser.java
    |--- org/herac/tuxguitar/io/gpx/GPXDocumentParser.java (revision 78)
    |+++ org/herac/tuxguitar/io/gpx/GPXDocumentParser.java (working copy)

    File to patch:

    My input was this:
    patch < gpx.patch

    Would really appreciate your help.

    PS: I tried to use --reverse as well but it didn't help. :(

    Last edit: Stamper 2015-05-28

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