How to import project to eclipse and how to build and run from sources ?

  • Yruama_Lairba

    Yruama_Lairba - 2013-08-06


    I'm using eclipse kepler release but i'm notreally familiar with this IDE. I want to import the tuxguitar project and build it from sources but I encounter several difficulties :

    I import project using "File>Import" and then "General>importing exisisting project into workspace". It's seems to work but i get many errors. It's seems to be path errors and naturaly, I can't build and run the project.

    I try to do that ==> , but it didn't correspond with menus and choices I have in eclipse ?

    Can somebody help me please ?

  • Yruama_Lairba

    Yruama_Lairba - 2013-08-10

    Up! I can't believe nobody knows how to build the project !

  • Collette

    Collette - 2013-08-29


    Once you have checked out a svn working copy, go into


    here, start the compilation using maven:

    mvn clean package -Dnative-modules=true

    You will find the compiled distrib in


    Here, start

  • Tom Potts

    Tom Potts - 2013-09-20

    That's easy enough but is how can you use an IDE like eclipse or netbeans to develop?

  • Tom Potts

    Tom Potts - 2013-09-20

    Yruama_Lairba - there is an extension for eclipse (m2eclipse) that will apparently handle the POM file
    I'm just going to try Netbeans on the POM too...

  • Collette

    Collette - 2013-10-11

    Yes, normally, you can import a maven project into eclipse.
    The maven file to import is located here: build-scripts/tuxguitar-linux-x86_64/

    • Tom Potts

      Tom Potts - 2013-10-22

      It seems my Eclipse is broken for the moment but I've just pointed a Maven enabled Netbeans at the directory and I'm in!

  • Lex

    Lex - 2013-12-29


    Could you please post instructions in textual form? I am visually impaired so can't see the video, but I'd like to improve tuxguitar's accessibility for screen reader users.



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