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  • Anonymous - 2011-12-13

    Good job and thank you for giving us tuxcmd. For me is the best TC replacement for linux and I've tried many tools like this.
    I took the source to make some modifications that I would like to have in tuxcmd (which I intend to submit if are accepted). But the sources are so big and complex, and I was wondering what tools/IDE were used to write and manage the files? I've tried Lazarus IDE, but doesn't help me too much. To add a simple button to the main form is a pain without the support of an IDE.
    Thank you very much. Radu

  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2011-12-14

    I was using Lazarus as an IDE, it's nice and the code assist tools really help to speed up the development. Lazarus has gone a long way and latest versions are very usable.

    Tux Commander is entirely written in code - there's no GUI designer or an XML/resource file describing the forms. Just look at the FormCreate constructors and you'll easily find your way.

    Tux Commander would use rewrite to plain C btw. ;-)

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-17

    Thank you for your answer. I'll try to play with Lazarus IDE.
    What you mean by the last sentence? You rewrite tuxcmd to plain C?

  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2011-12-19

    No, it's a secret wish, to get rid of Pascal.

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-19

    I like you secret wish (to get rid of Pascal), but I think that plain C is too much. Think about C++ and OOP.
    However, implementing tuxcmd as it is today, with all the features that it has, in C (or C++), will require some effort and a lot of time. That's why, I think that small improvements and changes can be made to the existing code. I've made some modifications by myself and I would be glad to contribute them to the project if you like. If you are interested, please tell how to proceed from here (maybe we should find another way to exchange technical data). Radu

  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2012-01-04

    glib has a powerful GObject foundation that makes C++ effectively not needed. And development in pure C is a joy. It would require complete rewrite naturally and that's why it's nearly impossible with current state of things.

    Making small improvements is fine with me and the right way to go for the moment. If you want to participate, please submit your patches in my experimental bugzilla installation at I'll review them and commit if feasible.

    Please also note the current git is broken, I started rewriting the core a bit but didn't finish. Hope to get back to that soon.


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