How to use the command line ?

  • Raymond Calbuth

    Raymond Calbuth - 2009-03-05

    Hi !
    I’m using Tux Commander for my daily work, and I find it very useful and simple to use, congratulation.
    But : I don’t understand how to use the command line. Every time I type a command in it, it only opens a terminal, then nothing happens.
    For example, I type vi : vi dosn’t open.
    I put the cursor on a text file, than I type vi : nothing happens.
    I put the cursor on a text file called config, than I type vi config : nothing happens.
    I tried vi %s : nothing happens too.
    The only command that works is cd. But it not useful, because the auto-completion with TAB doesn’t work, so clicking with the mouse on the directory in the panel is quicker.
    So, I never use it.
    What is the way to use it ? Do you have any useful example ?
    And if this command line isn’t useful at all, is there a way to hide it ?

    • Raymond Calbuth

      Raymond Calbuth - 2009-05-06

      Hi !
      Nobody knows how to use the command line panel ?
      Thx for the help.

    • Tomas Bzatek

      Tomas Bzatek - 2009-05-06

      Commandline cannot be hidden in current version.
      It's designed to work just like the one in Total Commander, without any unix-specific enhancements. It's just a supplemental feature, you should not have need to use it.

      Every command (applies to file association system as well) can be executed in a terminal, without terminal or with autodetection. The autodetection looks for libX11 linked to a binary you're trying to run, it's possible that vi links with libX11 but doesn't use it. Turn off the autodetection in Settings -> Preferences -> General -> Executing from commandline.

      See for keybindings applicable to the command line.


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