• ssuuddoo

    ssuuddoo - 2010-06-22

    Hi, is there a possiblity of TxC to have the drag&drop function?
    For example if I want to copy a file from the panel to the desktop or pass it on the email client as an attachment, or if users want to copy some files from other applicataions, file-manager windows or desktop to a directory opened in TxC?


  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2010-06-24

    Not yet, this is something to be implemented yet. Feel free to provide a patch, it's not that difficult to add this functionality. Drag & Drop should be XDS compatible both directions.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi bro! thnx 4 having faith in me, but I really dunno, how to work with XDS or working with the source code since I am not a programmer. :D but thnx anyway
    (srdecne zdrawhim do Ciech alebo priamo na Slovensko ? ) :D
    see Ya!


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