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Posted by Travis Riley 2002-01-07

New .ISO image for tuxbox

ISO image of the OS that is based on the Linux kernel 2.4.4 system and includes the XFS file system which can be burned directly onto bootable CD.

Anybody wanting to use it must have the prototype hardware. Right now it doesn't do too much except boot to a shell prompt, but you can mount/unmount drives including XFS drives. Next thing is to get the mkfs.xfs to work under kernel 2.4.4 version so the system can be installed to a hard drive.

Posted by Tom Hammersmith 2001-07-09

Game Developer guidlines are up

well, that pretty much says it all. there are some basic guidlines as to what you need, and what you should use if you want to develop for the tuxbox. Currently, they are on the General forum on http://www.tuxboxproject.com and i will add them to the project documentation here as well.

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-27

Need prototype OS and UI available by middle of June

I am building the 2nd prototype and want to be able to show the world that it works :-) Just so i can plug everything in and boot up a game and take some pictures and such. hopefully we can do it!

Posted by Travis Riley 2001-05-22

we need a new stk theme

we need a new theme for the stk other than the default one air has included. if you are interested and have openGL experience, download the latest version of the stk, and look check out the code for the default theme. before we start actually writing this though, we obviously need to come up with a design. lets try to discuss the design in the developer discussion here, so that everything stays in one place.

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-21

file release of the STK is out

well, that pretty much says it all. download it and run the test app, make sure you report bugs. remember, its just a test app, the final interface will look different, this is just the widget set we will use for it. have fun.

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-12

CVS is up for Tuxbox OS

well, that pretty much says it all. have fun updating it. there is a problem with the device files that causes cvs to hang, so for now they are archived under dev.tar, but perhaps we should replace it with a /dev/ directory that contains the MAKEDEV script.

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-04

switch to XFS imminent

okay, so i didnt really think out the filesystem choice (my mistake) and im strongly leaning towards switching from ReiserFS to XFS, because it should be more stable. i would like to do this soom, before the os is in wide use, but it may take a bit. if you have any opinions on the switch, drop a line in the os forum on the website. http://www.tuxboxproject.com/tforum/viewtopic.php?TopicID=53

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-02

obligatory first news posting

okay, so its up, i have the os up (what there is of it anyway) and im chugging away at getting cvs set up (and learning how to use it). Hopefully, ill have time to keep the news here up to date, but, as always, http://www.tuxboxproject.com will have what is most likely the latest news and info.

Posted by Thomas Stephens 2001-05-01