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2011-10-05  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	update for cloudboot

	initial add cloudbot

	update drbl-stable

	almost done

2011-09-28  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	still update for windows

2011-09-22  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	update windows

	update for windows

	update release script

	update i18n


	remove some code not necessary

	linux fine

	big change

	update i18n

	big change

2011-06-14  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	add -f -i option for syslinux

	update for windows 7 and cloudboot

2011-03-18  thomas  <thomas@thomas-T52.(none)>

	update build script

2011-03-17  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	translate 中文

2011-03-04  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	fixbug: retrive clonezilla-alternatice-testing fail

2011-01-20  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	update build script

	using cygwim based md5sum

2011-01-19  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	remove moc and uic generated files

	md5sum for all supported distro

2011-01-18  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	md5sum support done for windows and linux

2011-01-13  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	1. add md5sum.exe download from http://mirror.centos.org/centos/dostools/ 2. add logo for gparted and tux2live 3. update gparted-live testing 	modified:   distrover.cpp 	new file:   md5sum.exe 	modified:   moc_unetbootin.cpp 	modified:   qrc_unetbootin-linux.cpp 	modified:   qrc_unetbootin.cpp 	modified:   ui_unetbootin.h 	modified:   unetbootin-windows.qrc 	modified:   unetbootin.cpp 	modified:   unetbootin.qrc

	Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.code.sf.net/p/tuxboot/git

	add gparted test version

	lost some updated files

	add drbl download path

	fix layout and add some distribution icon

2011-01-10  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	update interface, remove unnecessary button and layout. bug fix: Ubuntu 10.10 can't start tuxboot add option homepath to replace env home path

2011-01-05  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	add tuxboot.pro

2010-12-30  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	add syslinux option -f for harddisk boot

2010-12-24  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	update version checker

2010-11-29  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	add -k option for gksu to get right homePath runinst before you install p7zip-full, otherwise, will not going

2010-10-23  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	add gksudo

	add save iso option, add 7zs type

2010-10-22  Thomas Tsai  <thomas@nchc.org.tw>

	rewrite makefile

	add changelog

	remove binary tuxboot

	initial tuxboot modifed from unetbootin