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Tuxaator / News: Recent posts


You can now monitor CVS activity by subscribing to the tuxaator-commits mailing list at https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/tuxaator-commits

Posted by Anti Veeranna 2004-01-08

Tuxaator 2.0 in CVS

Version 2.0 is almost a complete rewrite of the current code, plugins are now used for most functionality. Mind you, it's not ready yet, but getting really close.

Posted by Anti Veeranna 2002-02-26

First public release

+ added easy localization
+ translated the whole thing to English

Posted by Anti Veeranna 2001-10-06

Moved to SourceForge

Yeah, I finally moved the current tree into Sourceforge CVS repository, feel free to browse it.

Posted by Anti Veeranna 2001-10-04