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TUTOS 1.12 released

Today a bugfix release 1.12 was released to the public.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2016-08-13

TUTOS 1.11 Release published

Today the 1.11 release of TUTOS was published.

After two years wit no new releases this one includes mainly some bugfixes, the support of redis as an alternative to the already supported memcache for in memoy caching of TUTOS objects and an update of the jquery code.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2016-01-04 Labels: RELEASE

TUTOS 1.9 Release published

Yesterday on 28 December 2012 TUTOS 1.9 was released. The major topics are listed below:

  • new per user and per project config variables
  • some first pages supporting a mobile layout (using jquery mobile)
  • bugs can require a target project/version for some specific states
  • check age / length and special chars for passwords
  • a lot of standardization
  • a lot of bugfixing

and a lot of things I usally forgot to mention

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2012-12-29

Bye Bye CVS

TUTOS has now moved to Subversion.
All new changes to our sourcecode will now happen on subversion.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2011-02-16

TUTOS New release 1.7

After more than ten years on sourceforge today on December 28 2010 we released the new version 1.7 of TUTOS

1.7.20101228 introduces some new features and as always makes the existing things a lot better.
The new features include:
* TUTOS is now much more customizable for the users organizational needs
* the scrum and testmanager modules introduced in the last release become more useable for day to day work
* features can now be enabled or disabled for every single object. As a example: You can now exclude some user or groups from the addition of bugs or notes or ... for a specific project
* updated ajax based input fields... read more

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2010-12-28

TUTOS New release 1.6

On March 30 we released the new version 1.6 of TUTOS

1.6.20100330 introduces some new features and as always makes the existing things a lot better.
The new features include:
* a new menu system using jquery (use new2_layout as layout)
* a module for supporting tests (define manage and run tests)
* a module for supporting the agile scrum process in your projects

The noteable extensions are:
* better search features when using extended search forms
* linking existing documents to new objects
* hook functions for customization (see our wiki for details)... read more

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2010-03-30

TUTOS New Release 1.5

On June 29 the latest release of TUTOS went public

The 1.5.20090629 release introduces some new features and as always fixes everything that looks like a bug and we have seen since the last release.

New: (highlights only)

1) Stored Queries for overview pages.
You can store a query that has produced a overview page.
The queries are simply stored as URL objects of some
special category and can be made public usiong permissions.
2) Virtual groups for access control. Now it is possible to give permissions to groups like "Developers of project X" where the membership questions is resolved whenever someone tries to gain access.
3) A module creating rss feeds.
4) permissions for mytutos info blocks generated by modules
The permission block allows you to define the blocks seen on mytutos.
5) State transition control. It is now possible to define the States and state tansitions possible in Projects , Tasks , Invoices etc. It is also possible to limit the asllowed transitions to a some users and/or groups.
6) module specific config pages (see admin_show.php)... read more

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2009-06-30

TUTOS New Release 1.4

New Features in TUTOS 1.4


Major change: TUTOS now uses UTF-8 for all its text representation.
This means that all characters in the Unicode standard can be
represented by TUTOS - one size fits all! (There are implications
for upgrading users from earlier versions of TUTOS, who should read
the release notes carefully before proceeding.)

Extensive Ajax support

TUTOS now features extensive Ajax support on selections. Instead of     
submitting a form and getting a partial match on, for example, a 
product, TUTOS now uses Ajax to show matching selections as you type.

Add server-side files as documents... read more

Posted by Will Watts 2008-08-20

TUTOS makes it to 1.1

About 9 month after the last major release and 2 month beta testing, the OpenSource Grupware and Projectmanagement system TUTOS was released in a new 1.1. The new releasae features a lot of enhancments new tools and useful stuff. TUTOS is the ultimate team organization software, a webbased groupware or ERP/CRM system to manage events/calendars, addresses, teams, projects, tasks, bugs, mailboxes, documents and your time spent with these things.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2003-04-07

TUTOS "bugfix" release 1.0.20021111

After about two month of silence today the a new release of TUTOS is going public.

Release 1.0.20021111 will fix all accepted bugs since the last realse and add the meanwhile oimportant support for Apache 2 based systems. It will also provide better performance with less database queries and improve the handling of non latin charsets.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2002-11-11

TUTOS New Release 1.0

After 4 months of development there is a new Release of TUTOS.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2002-07-29

New languages in TUTOS Groupware Suite

Thanks to some contributors around the world. TUTOS now
supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russsian. Spanish was upgradet from a babelfish translations to a real one !
These features will first appear with todays "20001129" release.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2000-11-29

TUTOS got Timetracking & Bug Statistics

The Project-/Bug- and Installationmanagement of TUTOS nw supports timetracking to help you to keep track on all your project related efforts.
Bugtracking can now produce a small statistics page.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2000-11-15

New Release with Mailbox Support

TUTOS now uses the imap support of PHP to manage
project/product specific mailboxes. All project specific
mail could be read and found in one place.

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2000-10-02

New Release with MYSql Support

TUTOS now supports 2.5 :-) database systems
- postgres
- mysql (please test)
- oracle (stiil needs some fixes)

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2000-09-02