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david hill
  • david hill

    david hill - 2008-05-27

    This might not be the right place to post such a request (i.e having problems you need help with) but I wanted to notify the community that Gero and I have been working on a development of tutos that has moved to a stage where we need another brain and pair of hands. Reasonable rates of pay. You must be able to work with tutos architecture, and be able to demonstrate skilled work with php, mysql, apache, ajax, javascript and be able to offer strong development innovation and be able to produce quality work to deadlines. This is a long term project with regular remuneration based upon work progress and output.

    If you are interested, please contact me via sourcefourge with informal CV


    • Gero Kohnert

      Gero Kohnert - 2008-06-05


      is nobody out there who want to help us and earn some money for working on a open source project.

      I support this project and the ideas from David as good as possible,
      but I'm simply not able to do all the work in my limited time.


      • Will Watts

        Will Watts - 2008-06-11

        I would like to help, but I cannot assist with the coding effort at the moment, as I simply have too many other things on.

        It seems to me that TUTOS would stand a better a chance of attracting more hands to it if it were more visible and proactive. I am a great admirer of the TUTOS code, but if it were not for the fact that I monitor the check-ins mailing list and see Gero's work, I would believe this to be a dead project. The latest news on the main project page is from 2003!

        I really do believe an interim release, performed as soon as possible, would help. The current release archives contain at least one important bug [1869410] which might make the software unusable to somebody who could not investigate the code. (Yes, I withdrew this bug; but I supposed that a fixed release version was in the offing.) The archive option really should be free of major gotchas.

        Another issue regarding this specific appeal: whatever the new ideas may be, no clue is given what David and Gero have in mind. So frankly there isn't much incentive to become involved.

        I'm sorry to sound negative, but I do think this is a fair summary of the situation, at least as perceived by third parties.

        If I can help with posting new information on SourceForge or freshening up the website, I'd be delighted to lend a hand.



        PS: Any chance my bugfix 1855724 can be incorporated? I did rework it to address Gero's concerns about SQL subqueries. It cuts down a really slow query to nearly instant - surely a worthwhile improvement.

        • Gero Kohnert

          Gero Kohnert - 2008-06-11

          Hi Will,

          yes you are right. Someone looking on the sourceforge page or on might think that nothing happens.
          But for me when it is currenlty more important to code things than to improve the publicity. More publicity will not only attarct more developers it will also require much more time for emails and bugfixes. And spare time for TUTOS is soething I do not have.

          So of you will help with the webpage and the "publicity" I will apprecaite it a lot.

          About the things David an me would do:
          David is running a team of experts in a public health facility. Responsible for the equipment decontamination validation.
          With TUTOS they currenly plan the load of the team members and invoice of the various projects/contracts. In future it is planned to have a better supported (by TUTOS) workflow (automated checklists, reports, customer feedabck etc.)


    • david hill

      david hill - 2008-08-17

      Hi Will, I thought I would post a response to the points you have made about what work is being done.

      New to tutos is a drag and drop work planning system. It works by showing team view as a calendar populated by tasks across all members of the team. To change task assignments you simply drag the task from one member to another and tutos changes who it is assigned to and the date of the assignment.

      Use of task types. Task types is a new feature that allows you to give a task a type so that you can query based upon type. For example, 'how many jobs of type X has user Y done in the period A-B?' Each task type is colour coded so that when using the planner you can see at a glance what the activities are across your team.

      As Gero mentioned we are designing a process that will manage processes that have to be reviewed by third parties.

      The above developments are custom to our development but there is a possibility that these modules can be released under GNU.

      BIG developments needed:

      GUI - Gero has ideas about this

      As I said, we need a developer or developers to help with this. I appreciate that this may not be for you WIll, but we do need a developer and I have been surprised that no-one has come forward given that this will be paid.

      How many people out there are using Tutos that could contribute if we structured the development tasks better? Would this be a way to do it?

      Seems a shame that such great software is held back like this.


      • tmaes

        tmaes - 2008-08-18

        As I already said, I'm open to help you with GUI and css, but I'm a trainee in php and other languages.


    • david hill

      david hill - 2008-08-18

      Hi Tmaes, thanks for your reply. Where are you with the work you have done so far.
      I think it was Juno who suggested that the code and rendering be seperated but of course this would be a **massive** task

      I guess Gero can comment best but I do know he is look at tools for GUI enhancements.

      I'd like to see what you have done but we have made some changes that may mean that we are no longer compatible with this??

      Can anyone suggest a methodology for separation of code and rendering?

      Could we structure such activity in terms of one script at a time? If we did would users of TT be prepared to do such a conversion collaboratively?

      How does this work, does the script describe output objects and functions that a rendering scheme complies with? Is that 'basically' how it works?



    • tmaes

      tmaes - 2008-08-19

      gwt-ext seems to be a great library... but is it compatible with php and more precisly TUTOS scheme and templating?

      • Gero Kohnert

        Gero Kohnert - 2008-08-20

        I'm currently in the beginning of looking at gwt-ext and so far ot looks to be possible to use both
        gwt-ext and php
        the ides is to find some good migration path that allows the users to stay
        on the old layout and themes and also use some new experience if they like
        This will result in a new layout class using the gwt generated javascript  but also
        in some heavy redesign of the layout base class in general.

        But I'm still in the beginning of my thoughts :-))


    • david hill

      david hill - 2008-08-20

      Tmaes - would you want to have a look into this to see if you can integrate gwt-ext into tutos in some rudimentary for to see as a matter of principle if it would work as a practical proposition? Or can you (or anyone else) make a proposal that will provide improved gui and function to tutos.

      We dont have much time, but we can pay for solid development work.

      Gero, to give people a flavour for some of the development that has been done do you want to put a link up to show people how the drag and drop planner works (please change dataset though).

      Looking at gwt though....

      Would be basis for TT homepage? (or any page) populated with different elements?



      How about

      to use to show project structures - imagine being able to shuffle the heirarchy of tasks using drag and drop?


      to illustrate the numbers you use tutos to calculate

      just some thoughts


    • david hill

      david hill - 2008-08-20

      here's a better drag and drop tree structure.

      Gero / tmaes could you code this to illustrate task heirarchy as a taster?


    • tmaes

      tmaes - 2008-08-22

      huh, this extensions mean good knowledge of java, and, as I said, it is not in my abilities...
      anyway I'm open to do repetitive tasks if the possible bridge between TT and GWT is explained to me.



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