Tony Gravagno - 2013-01-07

Thanks @eyassouce for providing this addon. I have a couple questions.

Installation isn't a problem and I have a repo for my code.

I was having a problem figuring out how to get started with existing code. What I wound up doing was to move my code from under a main directory to a different directory, add the empty main directory to the repo as commit 1. Then I copied all of the solution files back under the main directory and did another commit. I removed the bin and obj folders so that I'm not constantly recommitting big executables. So now I have all files that need to be tracked in the repo.

At this point, what needs to be done with TUsvnAddIn to get it to integrate with that repo? In VS2010, when right-clicking on a solution to commit, it just shows the .sln file, not the entire solution or even just the changed files. When right-clicking on a project to commit, it just shows the project file, not changed code files within the project. What am I missing?

For now, in order to commit changes to my solution I exit to Windows Explorer and use TortoiseSvn to commit from there. But I was doing that before loading this addin. :)

Minor typo: The context menu shows "RepRo Browser", should be "Repo Browser".

Has the usefulness of this addon passed? Are there others like Ankh which may be more actively supported, perhaps better documented? Or are people really still using this addon? (One couldn't tell by the lack of forum postings here…)