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Turns-n-Layers-1.2.1 Released

The latest update improves the user interface with new sequencing of the line edits to remove ambiguity. The line edits activate in sequence with project selection and other selected details.

Posted by Joe T. Penrod 2013-03-01

Turns-n-Layers Update

This new release adds a graphical interface. This being written with the latest version of the FOX toolkit. It is available in three forms: *.gz, *.bz2, and *.xz "tarballs". These include a distribution of the FOX toolkit and libraries that the graphical interface requires.

Turns-n-Layers now supports both American customary (inches, feet, mils) measures and metric.

Also included are the md5 check sums for package integrity.

Posted by Joe T. Penrod 2012-07-08

RPMs Now Available

Mandrake Linux binary and source RPMs are now available for Turns-n-Layers, Version: 1.1. Since this project reqiures no special libs beyond the standard C/C++ shared libraries, these RPMs *should* work on any RPM-based distro. However, these haven't been tested on any distro other than Mandrake.

Posted by Joe T. Penrod 2003-01-20

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