Alex Vinokur - 2003-12-21

C++ Simulator of a Universal Turing Machine can be downloaded at :

    The program simulates a Universal Turing Machine (UTM).

    The UTM used in the Simulator is three-tape Turing Machine:
    * Tape#0 contains transition table and initial instantaneous description
      of a Particular Turing Machine (TM);
    * Tape#1 and Tape#2 are working UTM-tapes.

    The UTM can simulate the behavior of a Multitape TM.

    The package consists of two executable files :
    * t2u - compiler TM-to-UTM
      which translates description and input of TM to UTM-language;
      t2u generates several output files, one of them is used as input of the utm.
    * utm - the Simulator itself.

    Detailed log file is generated.
    Resources used (input size, output size, UTM-space, UTM-time) are computed as well.

    Testsuites. Two Turing Machines (TM-1 and TM-2) are used to create inputs for UTM.
    Each of them is an addition program which adds two numbers:
    * TM-1 is one-tape TM,
    * TM-2 is two-tape TM.


   Alex Vinokur