Turgen System 8.6.9 - Mostly Maintenance

This is mainly a bugfix release with few enhancements.

Users of the Turbo Blizzard, Turbo 6000, and Rambit Turbo Tape plugins are advised to download and install this release as soon as possible.

Serious bugs fixed:

  • Standard tape records: Eliminated unnecessary discontinuities in the signal caused by resetting phase after each block.
  • Signal generators: Inverting polarity of pulses did not work for waveforms other than square. Now it works for all waveforms.
  • Turbo Blizzard: Wrong widths of pulses frequently prevented loading files with real hardware. Pulse widths are fixed.
  • Turbo Blizzard: Decoder updated with new pulse widths
  • Omicron turbo: Tape boot file created with the "Faster boot" option was not bootable. Now it can be booted correctly.
  • B-TAPE: Automatic file name creation was failing for file names with multiple periods. Fixed now.
  • Rambit Turbo Tape: Default polarity of the pulses is now HIGH-LOW
  • Rambit Turbo Tape: The "Invert polarity of the pulses" option was ignored. It is now honored.
  • Turbo 6000: The default polarity of the pulses is now LOW-HIGH.
  • Turbo 6000: The ChainLoader loader was fixed to expect natural polarity of the Turbo 6000 pulses.


  • Output to the sound card: The generated signal is always double-buffered. Configuration entry enabling this function was removed
  • Standard tape records: More transfer speeds are available
  • Turbo Blizzard: Now you can prepend MICROLOADER or SHORT KOS, either as a tape boot file or Turbo Blizzard file.
  • KSO Turbo 2000: Decoder provides an option to decode files with a loader. The loader is expected to be 1 block long.

Architectural Changes:

  • Some packages and plugins were renamed or moved from package to package
  • The Turbo Blizzard plugin was refactored and streamlined


  • Many thanks to ATARIONLINE.PL users for their help with Turbo Blizzard and KSO Turbo 2000
  • Many thanks to PHAERON for help with Rambit Turbo Tape and Turbo 6000
Posted by Michael Kalouš 2017-10-17

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