Turck MMCache for PHP version 2.4.1 is released

Turck MMCache is a PHP Accelerator, Optimizer, Encoder and Dynamic Content Cache. It increases performance of PHP scripts by caching them in compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. Also it uses some optimizations for speed up of PHP scripts execution. Turck MMCache typically reduces server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times. It has been tested with PHP 4.1.0 - 4.3.3 under Linux and Windows with Apache 1.3 and 2.0.

Protection of disk cache files by crc32 checksum was implemented. mmcache_get/mmcache_put cross-host security was fixed. Incorrect optimization of "function test() {$a=$GLOBALS['a']+1;}" was fixed. Crash during include of non existing file with Zend Optimizer was fixed. "Clean" button was implemented in "mmcache.php" to remove all expired data from shared memory and disk cache. Additional configuration directives "mmcache.keys", "mmcache.sessions" and "mmcache.content" were added to control where to cache data, session data and content. Some 64-bit specific BUGs were fixed.

Posted by Dmitry Stogov 2003-09-29

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