Turck MMCache Loader requires php_zlib

  • chico

    chico - 2005-05-24


    I've been trying to configure the mmcache TurckLoader's in my server, but I'm getting this error:

    "Fatal error: Turck MMCache Loader requires php_zlib extension in..."

    I've executed phpinfo() and confirmed that zlib version 1.1.4 is indeed installed and enabled..

    I'm running on a Red Hat 9.0, with plesk 30 day trial version installed.. php module is version 4.2.2 and I've copied some non existing files from php 4.3.11 binaries so that phpize could work.

    I tried commenting in the loader.c file the if wich checks if zlib is enabled, and that was enough for a encoded file containing <?php echo "hello world"; ?> to work, but when trying to decode a longer php file the browser won't even respond, has if I didn't clicked the link to that page...

    Any ideas??

    • Franck

      Franck - 2005-05-24

      You must try to use eAccelerator rathern TurckMMCache which is no longer maintened.
      eAccelerator is a fork of TurckMMCache and the development is active.


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