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PHP5-compatible release

  • David Seidel

    David Seidel - 2004-04-29


    i have tested mmcache with the actual release of PHP5 (RC2) and it crashes wirth a seg-falut.
    When will be released a php5-compatible version of turck-mmcache?


    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-04-29


      I've tested both release 2.4.6 and CVS code.  The release version loads fine but its causing problems with Object loosing their value, and the CVS code just refuses to make (it bombs out with a linktool error).

      Its a shame, cause I used to the luxury of mmcache (gives a massive increase) so I don't feel comfortable upgrading without it :)

    • Ilkka Huotari

      Ilkka Huotari - 2004-05-02

      Too bad Dmitriy left us...

      Isn't there any experienced C hacker anywhere who would like to continue on this. Of course filling Dmitriy's shoes may not be easy. Maybe I should try...

    • Hős Endre

      Hős Endre - 2004-05-05

      Hi all!

      Today I discovered an ugly bug (Kelvin helped with the test case), that caused segfault. It is related to class inheritance: parent classes' pointers were retrieved incorrectly under PHP5. Please check out sources from the CVS and test it if possible.

      I got a known bug around internal classes and internal functions (throwing exception still causes segfault...), fix coming up this week hopefully.

      Please, let's dedicate this thread to serious bugs, that causes _crash_, and breaks the release.

      I think the next release must focus on PHP5 compatibility, altough got a lot else to do.

      • Hős Endre

        Hős Endre - 2004-05-05

        I forgot to say: it seems SF's public CVS access has some delay, so please check the CVS web interface before checkin out sources - to be sure it is hot. The latest revision of mmcache.c is 1.207.


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