Plz let me have mmcache for php 4.3.10 on win

  • hanpedro

    hanpedro - 2005-02-03

    Please let me have mmcache for php 4.3.10 on win32.
    Or give me live link.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yen-Wei Liu

      Yen-Wei Liu - 2005-02-24

      For 4.3.10, I suggest you try Eaccelerator instead.

      Win binary is here :

      • Verdon Vaillancourt

        I have the CVS version from here, running well on a box with 4.3.10, but I agree with Yen-Wei, move over to Eaccelerator. I have running well on a different server, also with 4.3.10.

        The difference is, Eaccelerator is in active development and this project (mmcache) has halted.


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