mmcahce + php constants problem

  • Anonymous - 2004-05-05

    Hi all,

    I'm running php v4.3.6 have just installed latest mmcache v2.4.6. I'm facing a weird problem:

    Constants are not being recognized anymore!

    For example I'm using the following two lines to make sure my sql functions would not be redeclared again:

    if( defined( "SQLX" ) ) return;
    define( "SQLX", 1 );

    However, after I have installed mmcache SQLX simply equals to nothing!

    Does anyone have a clue what's causing this? is it a bug?

    I'm running FreeBSD

    Any help would really be appreciated!

    Thanks ;)

    • Konstantin Pelepelin

      As I remember, there was a problem with "return" in file context. Use another technique. Try "require_once". Try "if(!defined...){define...}".


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